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Steve Wilbury studied a film degree in London.  While there, he stumbled into the Brixton juggling club and was immediately hooked into the Squat Rave Juggling Scene. (It was a thing, honest.) Steve loved juggling so much he got a job at London's only juggling shop, Oddballs.  This was his budget circus school. 

Later, in Edinburgh, the performance troupe, Te Pooka, offered him a position as a principal performer and Steve jumped at the chance to entertain however and whenever he could.  From forest glens to glamorous ballrooms, he created spectacles at countless events.  Steve also emceed The Vaudeville Cabaret club for three seasons, making it the go-to venue for the weird and wonderful. 

Fortunately, a lovely woman named Rachel also performed in Te Pooka.  She did Steve the favour of becoming his wife and together they left the UK and moved to New Zealand. They wouldn't move back for anything.

In New Zealand, Steve turned his manipulation and stage skills to magic and loves combining juggling, magic and audience participation in new ways.  Steve's work with crystal balls received the Best Manipulation Award at the 2017 New Zealand Magic Convention.  

He's called Wilbury because his last name is Wilson and Rachel's is Yerbury.  Smoosh them together and you've got Wilbury.  Rachel is just as much a part of the show as Steve.  Without her relentless
 soul-crushing criticism, the show wouldn't be half as good as it is.